Actor who can tell you way too much about giraffes


Beverlee is an actor, podcaster, and improviser who makes comedies and nerd media!


She studied acting in UC Santa Barbara's BFA Acting Program, abroad at the prestigious British American Drama Academy, and in Los Angeles at the Upright Citizens Brigade improv school. 

She has a breadth of experiences working in Zoos and an animal hospital, earning her psychology degree, and playing the real life sport of quidditch which all helped her develop into a dynamic and engaging actress!

Shakespeare Podcast


1PDnD is a one player actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Beverlee plays and Trevor Wade DMs and these two goofs mix their love of nerdy references with emotional story driven gameplay to create a compelling and funny radio play!

1PDnD Podcast
Shaky Understanding Podcast

Shaky Understanding is a Shakespeare podcast where Beverlee, an expert, and Allison Powell, a bard beginner, discuss the works play by play. They're joined by a character from the play itself (played by local comedians) who have a lot to say on the personal side of these stories!

Dungeons and Dragons Podcast